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Study Fees Free

If you were at school in 2017, 2018 or 2019 (other than as an adult student) and you meet the citizenship or residency requirements, you’re able to study any of our programmes Level 3 and above fees-free!

To confirm your eligibility, you'll need to go to the Fees-free website and enter your National Student Number (NSN). The Fees-free website will also have instructions on what to do if you do not know or have an NSN.

What does fees-free cover?

Fees-free covers:

Fees-free does not cover other optional and occasional fees. 

How do I apply?

Visit the Fees-free website to check your eligibility for Provider Based Study, enter your NSN and follow the prompts.

Not Eligible?

If you've entered your NSN on the fees-free website and you get a 'no' as an eligibility status, you might still be available for one of our current scholarships.

And if not, you can still apply for a Student Loan or Allowance on the StudyLink website

If you get an 'unknown' eligibility status, but meet the eligibility criteria, you'll need to submit a statutory declaration. More information about statutory declarations are on the Fees-free website.